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Mobile phones are incomparable device which is acting like a main organ of human body and it developing each and every day beyond the imagination of people. For sure, without a mobile phone no one can live and it is said to be the most valuable form of communication. It was once a day people used telephones which was just used for the purpose of communicating but now the trend has been changed massively. Developments are made in all aspects such as working efficiency, structure, ability to connect etc and the most important change made among them can be stated as phone dial pad. Rotary dial pad was the very first model seen on telephones which acts in a circular manner. But today in modern trend it is entirely touching methodology adopted which makes the users still more comfortable. Let us discuss in detail about this topic in the following lines

Rotary dial pad – ancient form of telephonic dial pad

A component of a telephone which implements technology called signalling and which makes the user to dial the required number in a circular manner is termed as rotary dial pad. It was widely used once and its mechanism was extremely worthy enough to dial instantly. Many of the current generation may not know about such a phone dial pad which has been with human beings for many decades. It is also termed as pulse dialling and people used it efficiently to contact others.

Trendy dial pads

Today abundant change in the technology has bought a great change in the phones too. A user can avail a phone which does all the work of a computer all at once. The phone dial pads here are fully improvised with technical basics and it is fully made of touch model. It is now easy for everyone to use it along with the various options found inbound within it. This dial pad is faster, easier and trendy as they make even small tiny little ones to operate it easily. As days moved on rapidly rotary dial pad was completely abolished and now this touch model phone dial pads are used widely.

phone dial pad

Short codes hidden behind phone dial pads

There are codes which are been created especially for the fast moving people whose life style are said to be exactly fast moving. These short cut codes are meant to get quick result from the phone and they are performed completely with the help of phone dial pad formed as touch models. Some of such short cut keys hidden behind phone dial pads are as follows

  • *#*#7780#*#* – to rest factory in android device when needed urgently.
  • *#*#0*#*#* – helpful to run fast LCD test from the phone’s display
  • *#*#0842#*#* – use this code to run vibration and also for black light test

Apart from this there are also many other interesting phone dial pad secrets hidden behind and all such codes really help the user to get the required result instantly.

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Dial pad – phone system based on cloud

There is a new technology which has made the user to feel still more comfortable by not providing their own number or name is termed as dial pad and it is bought by many officials in order to keep their conversation silent and secret.

Hence, phone dial pad has brought a great impact in the society and the advancements have given ways to innovative creations such as dial pad technology.



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