amazing wind energy facts

The increasing consumption of non renewable resources and also rapid increase in the price of such sources force the people to turn towards the best alternative fuels which are cheaply available in market. Among many such alternatives, the most important one is said to be wind energy which is been used since 2000 BC. Compared to all other alternatives this wind power possesses high potentiality and its usage is growing very fast in the recent years. Let us discuss further wind energy facts of wind energy in the following lines.

Wind energy – what it is?

The movement of the air from high pressure places to low pressure places is referred as wind energy. It is basically caused by uneven heating of the surface of the earth by the sun and this wind energy exists as long as the solar energy exists in the world. Another captivating wind energy facts was it is entirely pollution free and it never emits any harmful rays or gases during its operation. Hence, it is considered as the safest method to generate electricity in renewable format.

interesting wind energy facts

Fascinating facts of wind energy

Wind energy has turning energy which turns wind to other energy forms and there are variable ways to harness it. The very fine examples are

  • Wind mills producing mechanical energy
  • Enabling mariners to move boats
  • Generating electricity

Apart from these examples wind energy constitutes many other valuable uses within it. It was first developed in China and Persia and it is been in use many years before like

  • Mariners moved using winds
  • Farmers used winds to pump water and to grind grains

The actual form of wind energy as wind mills came in to practice from 2000 BC and now wind energy is unbreakable energy which gives electricity to meet out the major and critical needs of the planet. Surveyors say that wind turbine uses have increased up to 25% in the last decade and there will be rapid increase in the percentage in the upcoming decades.

amazing wind energy facts

Construction of wind turbine

Wind turbines are constructed all over the sea shores areas as there will be more wind formation when compared to other areas. Most probably wind energy is harnessed with these wind turbines and constructions of these wind turbines are truly critical. It contains nearly 20 story buildings and three blades are attached to it which is 60 meter long.

These blades resemble like the giant propellers of the planes which are mounted above a sharp stick. The wind blows and spun up the blades and in turn it transfers motion to a strong shaft attached to generate and this process is repeated continuously to produce electricity.

Mostly large sized turbines will harness energy to power about 600 homes and these turbines form a wind farm. They are arranged in proper lines simply like a ridge and a small business can have a small turbine in the backyard which will supply enough electricity for the business.


This valuable wind energy is really a clean source to produce electricity and its operational cost is low, just after the turbine gets erected. Hence, it is very much essential to understand these wind energy facts and to make use of this wind energy to meet out the massive demand in electricity consumption.



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