phone etiquette

Phone is being an important mode of communication and it exists since from many years. Plenty of communication channels are there, yet phone is the best form of communication than other options. Using phone can make a call and convey the information or requirements clearly and there won’t be any mishap. With this you can communicate directly and you can convey the information with clarity. It is necessary to learn the phone etiquette before answering a call. While answering the personal calls it is not necessary to follow any rules but when it comes to business then need to follow the etiquettes.

  • Phone etiquette is being a significant facet for communication because you are not only representing yourself also your company or organization as well.
  • It is necessary to follow the etiquettes while answering or making business calls as the client impression will be created based on your communication only.

What are the essential rules of phone etiquette?

Within three rings answer the call- Available to answer the callers then pick the call within three rings which will give enough time to think to prepare for answering the call. Answering the call immediately can make you nervous and leaving the call to ring for a long time is not good which makes the customer to wait for long-time. It is good to answer the call within three rings and if not available to pick the calls can set voicemail.

Make conversation on a clear tone- While answering a professional call be clear on what you speak and make the conversation in an understanding way. Keep your tone at same level throughout the call. Avoid unnecessary things and state the information clearly that has to be conveyed. Not clear on what you speak and no standards on your tone let the customer to have a worst impression which tends to slipping of projects from your hand. It is necessary to speak clearly with keeping the tone of the voice equal throughout the call.

Introduce yourself at first- When picking the calls, it is good to answer by introducing yourself before preceding the conversation. This helps the caller to know that they have called the right person or not. Then before ending the call make sure whether they need to know any other information or not.

phone etiquette

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Dos and Dont’s of telephone etiquettes

There are some dos and dont’s of phone etiquette which is very important so that you can avoid mistakes and make the communication in a proper way. When on a professional call have to speak in clear tone and sounds to be confident and it is necessary to use proper language for communication. Have to stay positive and cheerful throughout the call and actively listen and take notes in order to not miss anything and to provide appropriate information. Don’t interrupt while the customer communicating and try to avoid other side conversations. If not known the answer be honest and inform them before putting hold or transferring the call. Make use of the speaker phone when it is necessary. Through following such tactics can be professional while on business calls.



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