benefits of vps hosting

Benefits of vps hosting

Your business is growing, and so too should your hosting. Shared hosting is great in terms of affordability, but you need a virtual private server, or VPS if you truly wish to expand. Why use VPS hosting overshared? Here are six benefits of using VPS hosting for your business.

1. Improved Reliability

When it comes to a virtual private server vs shared hosting, one of the biggest differences is reliability. Shared hosting means that dozens or hundreds of websites are crammed on one server. Each one has to share the digital resources and play nicely, but sometimes life doesn’t work out that way. Just one person can wreck the whole server for everyone by using too much bandwidth, which impacts your speed and uptime.

Businesses can’t afford to have their website down. A VPS server ensures that you’re the only one on that virtualized server, which greatly improves speed and reliability. If you are not sure what to use, this guide will help you find out which type of web hosting is right for you.

2. Easier Scalability

Expanding your website means you need more speed, bandwidth, and disk space. With shared hosting, you’re limited by the server and all the other websites stored there. While some shared hosts allow you to upgrade to faster plans or better servers, it’s not true scaling since you still have digital neighbors taking the same resources.

On the other hand, VPS hosting allows you to upgrade your virtual server at any time. Whether you need a stronger CPU, more disk space or additional RAM, you can have the host upgrade it whenever you need more resources. This allows you to grow at your own pace.

benefits of vps hosting

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3. Control the Server

There are many software packages available that could help your business, but you can’t use them with shared hosting. That’s because shared hosts typically set their security settings as high as possible, and they don’t allow root access to the server.

That all changes with a VPS server. You directly control the virtual server, allowing you to add, remove, edit and change anything you want. If you’re finding that your software needs aren’t being met, then it’s time to consider a VPS solution. This gives you the power to do more with your website to better serve your clients.

4. Cost Savings

While it is true that a VPS solution is more expensive than shared hosting, you are actually saving money in the end. This comes down to how valuable your traffic is. A shared environment provides you with lower speeds and reduced uptime, which will definitely decrease traffic and client satisfaction. VPS hosting ensures that you have more resources, which means that you can get more traffic without the worry of crashing your website.

How much is each client worth? Most VPS solutions start around $15 a month, which is only slightly more expensive than shared hosting. You’ll find that having more paying clients will easily make up for the extra expense of a VPS.

5. Improved Customer Service

Hosts know how to take care of their clients, and they tend to give you better benefits as you upgrade your plan. One of those major benefits is improved customer service. Since most small businesses don’t have an IT department, it’s essential that you get all the help you can to ensure your hosting goes well.

Whether it’s working on a software installation or ensuring that your security is properly managed, this improved customer service can help. With an upgraded plan, you can be sure to get quick responses and timely assistance. You’ll find out just how necessary this assistance is when you run into a snag and can’t figure it out yourself.

6. Better Security

This largely depends on the host itself, but generally, a VPS solution will provide you with better security. First of all, having your own virtual server means that your website is isolated. If a hacker gets into a shared server, then every website on that server can be affected. You avoid this issue with a VPS because your website is isolated.

Not only that, but the hosting staff is usually more prompt with installing security software and patching issues on VPS servers.


A VPS server is essential to helping your business expand. You get more power, speed, and better uptime, along with more features and root access to the server. While it does cost more, the money you’ll make from happier clients will definitely make up for it. If you’re looking for more from your website, then a VPS solution is the right way to go.



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